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Hello, these are the Official rules for Ultra Dragon Ball Answers Wiki!

Please feel welcome too read them when you get the chance so you could be happy and avoid any banning or Punishment.

Typical User Rules


Vandilism is stirctly prohibited in the wiki. Anyone accused of vandilism will have a set punishment that will end at the admins given time according on what you vandilized.


This Wiki does not support Porn. Any Pornos with graphic scenes or even Pictures will be deleted on sight. No Porn at all! I know some think there awesome, but I don't belong here! This is a User Friendly Wiki.

Graphic Content

As explained on Pornagraphy, Any "Intense" Graphic Pictures or Storys will be deleted on sight.

Please Add Categorys

This isn't a forced rule, but please remember to add categorys on pages! But don't add False Categorys that have nothing to do with the topic of the page. All of the Categorys that are appropriate are on the list usually that comes down when your about to add one, but Capitalize them! Don't make them look sloppy!

Administrator Rules

Making Fun of Users or their pages. (This also go's for Typical Users!)

No making fun of other users because of their pages, likes, age, Race, or even Avatars. I call it Cyber Bullying. If you don't like a page or person, Don't read it or just stay away from the user. If someone Vandalizes your page cause of that and you know who it is, tell me or an Admin and we will punish him accordingly. Life is to Short to Fight, why start now?

Deleting or Messing Up Pages or Blogs Cause you don't like them.

There is absolutley no since in it. If you are a Call of Duty Fan, and hate Mario and it's pages, you will want to delete it, But NO, you can't delete it. Just because you don't like it dosen't mean someone else don't. After 2 times I will remove your Admin dutys forever and Ban you. It's hard to take in, but You aren't all that matters.

Tell me before Banning any Registered User.

If you see a "Registered (With account) User in need of some good Banning, tell me about what he did quickly as possible, and I should respond and say if I want him banned or not and for how long. You CAN Ban users without me if they done something so wrong that they need it on the spot. Please tell me first if possible.

Thank You

I hope you listened and please continue to do so. If you do, we will have a good time here but if No, thats your loss, bud. Have a good time on Ultra Dragon Ball Answers Wiki!

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